About Stephanie Maghnam

Stephanie Maghnam is a successful entrepreneur, business women, and community builder with a track record of community involvement and volunteerism.

Born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Stephanie studies Journalism and broadcasting and later became a television host and reporter for local community stations in Edmonton. She holds multiple career disciplines with expertise in the deliverance of Excellence in customer service, travel & tourism, and transportation. Her experience crosses over several industries and platforms. After moving to Ottawa with her family over twenty years ago, Stephanie has spent years working with families with children and young adults on the Autism Spectrum, she has advocated for mental health, affordable housing, consumer protection, food insecurity, seniors, rural affairs, and welcomed newcomers. Stephanie has worked hard in building her community up. She is a community leader that has served on various executive boards and committees within Kanata-Carleton and has earned community support serving as a Candidate in the 2018 provincial election.

Stephanie understands and continually supports the future growth and sustainability of her communities by connecting people and resources. She advocates for rural affairs that include access to the internet, transportation, and better disaster response.
Notably, during the 2017 flood disasters that hit the region of West-Carleton, Stephanie Maghnam was instrumental in helping to provide disaster relief efforts for Constance Bay community members during the duration of the flood recovery efforts.
Stephanie has championed Greenspace Preservation by helping to establish the Dunrobin Parkette during her time serving on the Executive of the Dunrobin Women’s Institute. Alongside her professional advocacy, she later contributed to the successful installation of “Gale’s Garden” at the Ruddy Shenkman Hospice in Kanata, during her time serving on the executive of the Kanata-March Horticultural Society.
Stephanie has shown civic leadership in areas of addressing food insecurity, and has supported and contributed to the Molly Wilson Community Gardens, Trailing Edge Community Gardens, and Herzberg Community Garden in providing access to fresh, healthy and nutritious food. She has volunteered with the Kanata Food Cupboard unload the bus events and fundraisers and volunteered with the Stittsville Food Bank. Stephanie’s passion for food security has provided her community with gardening lectures and advice as a speaker for the Kanata-March Horticultural Society at the local Chapters.
During the pandemic, Stephanie has been highly engaged in her community, conducting wellness & home visits to community members in need, and supporting families and businesses with various pandemic essentials.
Stephanie Maghnam was awarded and named Kanata North Citizen of The Year, by the City of Ottawa for her volunteer advocacy with seniors and gardens.
Stephanie Maghnam was recognized by Member of Parliament Karen McCrimmon, House of Commons for her outstanding volunteer work and civic leadership across several community organizations.
Stephanie has lived in West Carleton for over 15 years, having built her family home with her husband Basel. She is the proud mother of 2 children, Melia and Makram, and her family is her inspiration and the reason she has and will continue to fight for her community in making West Carleton-March an even better place to raise families, live, and work in building a community that everyone is proud to call home.

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Stephanie Maghnam Endorsments

Dr. Roland "Roly" Armitage

Dr. Roland ‘Roly’ Armitage

“Stephanie is a person of proper age in life with children and a family, with the right experience needed to serve and care for our community now and thru to the future.  I am proud to fully support and endorse Stephanie Maghnam as our next West Carleton - March Councillor.”

Dr. Roland ‘Roly’ Armitage, Former Mayor of West Carleton Township, Veterinarian, War Veteran.

Marianne Wilkinson - Former Mayor of Kanata and Reeve of March Township, Councillor - City of Ottawa: Kanata-North - Ward 4.

Marianne Wilkinson 

“Ive had the pleasure of knowing Stephanie and her work for over a decade.  I am pleased to be supporting Stephanie Maghnam as the next Councillor for West Carleton-March. As a fantastic volunteer in the community she has earned the respect of many and her skills in serving people will help us all as Councillor for West Carleton March and the City of Ottawa.”

Former Mayor of Kanata and Reeve of March Township, Councillor - City of Ottawa: Kanata-North - Ward 4.


Steve Bunge

Steve Bunge

“Stephanie is a community-minded leader with a unique ability in bringing people together.  Her strong community involvement is for the benefit of the general public.  I have had the privilege of knowing Stephanie and I am proud to endorse her to become the next councillor for West Carleton - March.” 

Steve Bunge, past Presidency of the Kinburn Community Association, Chairman of the West Carleton Arena Committee - Woodlawn.


Marianne Wilkinson - Former Mayor of Kanata and Reeve of March Township, Councillor - City of Ottawa: Kanata-North - Ward 4.

Taher Shaath

“I am so proud to support Stephanie Maghnam as our next Councillor for West Carleton- March. I have known Stephanie for over 15 years, she has always delivered consistency, compassion and a commitment to serving our West Carleton - March communities and its residents. Stephanie is thoughtful, and empathetic to the needs of her community members and these are qualities that make her an effective leader serving as our next Councillor for West Carleton - March Ward 5, in our great city of Ottawa.”

CEO & Chairman KOM Software, Longtime Dunrobin resident & Lamb/Sheep Farmer. .


Gloria Wilson

Gloria Wilson

“I am delighted to support Stephanie Maghnam as the next councillor for West Carleton”, says Wilson. “She is a strong advocate and a tremendous leader for our community.  From her volunteer efforts during the region's 2017 floods to helping serve hot meals to community members in need - She is a warm, passionate person that cares deeply about our community.  I fully endorse Stephanie in becoming our next West Carleton-March Councillor.”

Gloria Wilson, Community advocate, resident - Constance Bay.

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